I. Name

II. Purpose

III.   Representation

IV. Membership

Section 4.01        General

Section 4.02        Recruit

Section 4.03        Junior

Section 4.04        Youth

Section 4.05        Aide

Section 4.06        Honorary

Section 4.07        Founder

V. Organization

Section 5.01        Officers

Section 1.01        Primary Positions

Section 5.02        Secondary Positions

VI. Elections

VII. Disciplinary Action

VIII. Merchandise and Branding

IX. Standard Operating Protocol

X. Amendments

XI. Document Ratification

XII. Dissolution


I.                        Name

  1. The Galactic Alliance Costume Club (aka “Galactic Alliance”, “The Alliance“, ”TGA”, “GACC” and “GA”)

II.                        Purpose

  1. The Galactic Alliance Costume Group is an international STAR WARS™ costuming organization dedicated to celebrating the STAR WARS universe through the creation, display, and wearing of quality character costumes (all costumes henceforth referred to as "kits" and or "builds") that represent the characters and culture from the STAR WARS sagas.
  2. The Alliance unites individuals with a common love for Star Wars™ while encouraging self-improvement, personal growth, family involvement, and fellowship with peers endeavor of our club is the promotion of good will through acts of volunteering for appearances, to further charity fund raising, public awareness, and community outreach.
  3. The Alliance promotes interest in STAR WARS and facilitates the use of these kits for STAR WARS-related events as well as contributing to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.
  4. All troops MUST be to support a charity or to raise money for a charity. Even conventions.

III.                        Representation

  1. The Alliance recognizes that the members of the Alliance have no claim to the copyright and intellectual property of Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) except by the privileges authorized to the organization by LFL. Members acknowledge and accept that they, by authorization, portray the characters of STAR WARS when in kit and acting on behalf of the Alliance. While representing the Alliance, members agree to do so courteously, professionally, and responsibly at all time.

IV.                        Membership

  1. The Alliance is an inclusive, equal-opportunity, non-discriminatory group.

Section 4.01 General

  1. General Membership is open to persons eighteen (18) years or older who own a kit that meets with the standards of accuracy, completeness, and quality of construction as required by the Alliance and whose approval does not go against the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  2. Members are expected to comply with their respective applicable local, regional, and national laws.
  3. The right to grant, deny, revoke, or suspend membership is reserved by and under the sole authority of the Senate and may not be superseded by any rules of any Alliance Division.
  4. The Alliance reserves the right to deny or revoke membership at any time, based on any past criminal history as outlined in the SOP and in accordance with the laws of the applicable country or region within. Notice of such denial or revocation will be filed with the Alliance Senate.

Section 4.02 Recruit

  1. Recruit membership is offered to any persons meeting the general membership requirements but who does not yet have an approved kit and/or who wants to join the Alliance but has not formally done so.

Section 4.03 Junior

  1. Junior membership is for persons sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) years old. All general membership rules apply with the additional need for consent of their legal guardian to troop without said guardian being present.

Section 4.04 Youth

  1. Youth membership is for persons under the age of sixteen (16) and requires that a responsible adult (if not the legal guardian, a signed consent form is required) be with them at all times. Youth membership is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Section 4.05 Aide

  1. Aide membership is for those wishing to join the Alliance in a supporting role only. This includes Handlers and Volunteers.

Section 4.06 Honorary

  1. Honorary Membership is limited membership open to individuals recognized by the Alliance as having a significant positive impact on the Star Wars™ franchise.

Section 4.07 Founder

  1. Founder status is given to the founding members of The Galactic Alliance Costume Club. Those members are: Sarah Cohan, Randy Glenn, Raven Hendershott, Travis Martin, Scott Copeland, and Joey Graham. Active Founding Members, even if not currently holding an officer position, have voting rights and a unanimous vote Veto power.

V.                        Organization

  1. The Alliance is governed by The Senate and organized into Sectors and Divisions based on geographical boundaries. The list and boundaries of Sectors and Divisions are maintained by the Senate. As required, a Special, General and General Command Assembly may be called.
  2. The Senate, consisting of the Chancellor, Viceroy, Magistrates (elected) and staff (appointed) coordinates the organization.
  3. Sectors are operated by a Senator (elected) and include all Divisions of that Sector.
  4. Divisions consist of at least six or more members. The Division is operated by a Governor, Lieutenant Governor (elected) and administrative staff (appointed).

Section 5.01 Officers

  1. There are two types of officer positions; primary and secondary. A member may hold two positions at once, so long as they are both not the same type.
  2. Not every officer position must be filled. Senate discretion is allowed on the need for a particular office.

Section 1.01 Primary Positions

(a)   The Senate

  1. Chancellor: Is the top administrator and president of the club. Oversees club operations, which may include but are not limited to formulating policies, moderating the Senate, and organizing partnerships with outside parties.
  2. Viceroy: Assists the Chancellor in club operations as vice-president. The Viceroy may perform duties as assigned by the Chancellor, and will act as club president in the absence of the Chancellor.
  3. Membership Magistrate: Is responsible for reviewing and processing applications for membership.
  4. Public Relations Magistrate: Serves as the Alliance's advocate and primary point of contact with the public and outside parties.
  5. Records Magistrate: Maintain responsibility for all finances. Keeps the Senate minutes.
  6. Technology Magistrate: Manages all Alliance Web resources.
  7. Merchandise Magistrate: Approves all merchandising and branding requests and items.

(b)   Senate Officers

  1. Tribune: Are appointed by Senate members to assist them in performing the duties of their office. They serve at the discretion of the elected official who appointed them. Although a Primary Position, this is not a Senate position.

(c)    Sectors

  1. Senator: Members may bring issues of contention or concern before the Senate through their Senator or, in cases where their issue is with that representative, through any member of the Senate. The Senator holds one vote when the Senate is considering action requiring Senator Approval.


Section 5.02 Secondary Positions

(a)   Divisions

  1. Governor: Is the chief administrator of the Division and is responsible for the operations of the Division and the coordination of events that occur within the Division’s boundaries.
  2. Lieutenant Governor: Perform duties as assigned by the Governor and will assume leadership of the Division in their absence. Is also responsible for Division merchandise and marketing submission.
  3. Administrative Staff: Perform duties as assigned by the Governor or Lieutenant Governor.

VI.                        Elections

  1. All members of the Senate, Sector Senators and Division Governors are all elected positions in the Alliance. All other positions are appointed by their respective supervising official.
  2. All elected offices serve one-year terms.
  3. Active members in good standing are eligible to run for elected office and vote in elections.
  4. Annual review/elections are mandatory for every elected position, unless an incumbent official stands unchallenged, in which case an election may be waived.
  5. Actively campaigning for any elected role within the Alliance is strictly forbidden. Any member found to be canvassing, campaigning, or soliciting for nominations or votes would be subject to local and/or organizational-level punishment.

VII.                        Disciplinary Action

  1. When the Alliance's standards of conduct are violated, it is an unfortunate necessity to address them. While the Alliance recognizes that membership is voluntary and should be fun, it also recognizes that there must be some protection afforded its members from abuse and misconduct.
  2. Such actions, consisting of a three strikes policy, apply to both Officers and members, as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures.
  3. Violations of the Code of Conduct listed in the SOP as determined by a hearing or other incontrovertible evidence will result in disciplinary actions, including up to immediate termination of membership.

VIII.                        Merchandise and Branding

  1. The Alliance is a club based on a copyrighted property and is not authorized to profit from the sales of merchandise bearing images or ideas from the STAR WARS property.
  2. Merchandise or materials created to promote or advertise the Alliance (referred to herein as "merchandise") will be sold only to members of the Alliance at cost. Merchandise is not to be sold to the general public unless authorized and be approved by the Senate and Lucasfilm Ltd. All merchandise must meet Alliance guidelines and approved by the Senate prior to production. Merchandise not abiding by these guidelines will be considered unauthorized and its sale shall be forbidden to members of the Alliance. Producing or distributing unauthorized merchandise may be subject to disciplinary action by the Alliance.
  3. Any items bearing the words “The Galactic Alliance Costume Club”, “Galactic Alliance”, “The Alliance“, “GA”, “GACC”, “TGA” the Alliance Logo, URLs, or those of any sub-units of the Alliance, or any other term or image that can be reasonably identified with the Alliance or its sub-units are considered representative of the Alliance. Proposals for such items are to be reviewed by the Senate and approval must be granted by the Senate prior to production.
  4. The Alliance does not endorse or manage the creation or sale of props, kits, or kit parts or materials by anyone for sale to others. The Alliance will not intervene in private sales or transactions of non-Alliance merchandise or products.

IX.                        Standard Operating Protocol

  1. The Standard Operation Protocol (SOP) are additional rules, processes, and directives to

manage regular operations, provide guidelines and instruction. The protocols set expectations of actions and behaviors in and for the Alliance and its members and work in unison with the Alliance Constitution.

X.                        Amendments

  1. The Constitution Chair is a Senator appointed by the Senate to oversee any amendment proposals.
  2. Amendments, alterations, or repeal of the Constitution may be proposed by active Alliance members as drafts to their Senator, who will then bring it to the Constitution Chair.
  3. Draft proposals will be submitted to the Special Assembly for review. During review, the proposal may be further revised, if needed, by the Assembly. Senators are authorized to share works in progress with their respective unit members for additional input. Completion of revisions is due no later than ten (10) days following submission of the draft.
  4. Upon reaching a satisfactory state of completion of the proposal, signified by passing a two-thirds majority vote by the General Assembly, the Senate will present the completed proposal to the Alliance membership for ratification.
  5. Proposals then require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting Alliance membership to pass.
  6. If passed, the proposal becomes an Amendment and is effective immediately upon completion of the vote.
  7. Amendments that do not pass a vote by the Senate or ratification by the Alliance Membership may not be voted on by that respective body again for a period of one year from the close of the relevant vote, unless new documented circumstances arise which may influence a discussion and vote.

XI.                        Document Ratification

  1. Documents, amendments, etc., are placed before the appropriate voting assembly. In the event that no feedback is given during the respective response period, the item is considered to have passed unanimously without need for an official vote.

XII.                        Dissolution

  1. The decision to dissolve the Alliance shall be taken only at a General Assembly and shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all membereship to pass.
  2. In the event of Organization Dissolution, any assets remaining upon dissolution after the payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a similar organization or institution having similar charitable aims to those of the Alliance. The fair selection of the organization benefiting from the transfer of assets shall be the responsibility of the Senate.





Ratified: September 12, 2016