Costume Reference Library

The CRL is an ongoing project to categorize and provide basic examples of Galactic Alliance approvable kits and components. The CRL is maintained on the Alliance website and can be found here. It should be noted that the CRL is an ongoing endeavor and may not include all kits currently accepted so don’t get discouraged if the most recent Clone Commander from The Clone Wars television series isn’t listed. That doesn’t mean it will not be approved, just that either no one has submitted it for approval yet, or that the CRL has yet to be compiled for that character.


CRLs are comprised of text and images that attempt to detail all components of the kit. Each CRL contains both the minimal requirements for a kit's approval and any additional information that may be of interest to people wishing to build a more accurate kit.

TGA-0002 demonstrating the proper way to greet Lord Vader in her approved Jedi kit. With TGA-0018 (Storm Trooper) TGA-0027 (Imperial Officer) TGA-0001 (Vader)