Sith Characters

These characters are unnamed and generic in nature


  1. Tunic may be long or non-sleeved.
    • If not sleeved, the inner tunic must have sleeves or accompanying arm wraps.
    • Full or false inner tunic in similar color scheme as outer tunic.
  2. Full or false inner tunic should compliment outer tunic.
  3. No visible t-shirts or visible laces.


Tabards & Obi

  1. Tabards must extend at least to bottom of tunic in front.
  2. Tabards can end at obi in rear, but may extend past tunic level if desired.
  3. No visible laces.
  4. Obi/sash in similar color to the rest of your costume.


Pants & Skirts

  1. Pants or slacks must and fitted match or compliment the tunic and or tabard and must sit at the waist.
  2. Costumes must not be excessively revealing and appropriate undergarments must be worn.



  1. Proper footwear includes leather or leather-like boots and shoes. Boots may be military or work boots. No rubber boots allowed.
    • Both boots and shoes must have must laces or symbols covered and rise at least to the calf. To reach the minimum height requirement, shoes must be covered with a boot wrap.
    • Straps & shin-spats are allowed but are not required.
  2. The color of the belt and boots should match, but some variation between the two items may be permitted and are subject to the ruling of the Membership Magistrate.



This section is optional.

  1. All belts should be proportional to wearer. The obi should protrude both above and below the belt evenly.
    • Belts can be similar to prequel Jedi belts or another canon style belt. If a standard belt is used, it must be proportional and the buckle must not be an obvious “earth” design.
  2. Leather or leather-like belt pouches. May match the color of the belt, or a color of the costume.
  3. Girth style belts may be worn provided the color matches the rest of the costume.



This section is optional.

  1. Robes, cloak or cape, if worn may not extend past the heel of the wearers boots. The color should complement the main costume.
    • Closures must compliment the costume or remain concealed.
  2. Hoods may be worn up or down.


Light Sabers

This section is optional.

  1. Light Sabers. Where used, are to be professional in appearance.
    • Home built sabers will be considered at the discretion of the Membership Magistrate.
  2. Sabers may be prop hilt only, detachable blade or fixed blade, with light up or permanent color blades.
  3. Hilt only and detachable blade sabers shall have a Covertec clip, D-Ring clip or any other Star Wars Legacy clip to secure the light saber to the belt. Canon Sabers may be used but must match the character’s alignment (no red sabers on light side characters, etc.)



This section is optional.

  1. Characters that wear armor should follow these guidelines:
    • Armor must be designed in such a way that it appears to belong in the Star Wars Galaxy.
    • Armor should have no visible fasteners, unless they complement the costumes overall design.
    • Kits containing armor may require physical inspection prior to submission.
    • If unsure, please contact the Membership Magistrate for clarification.


Acceptable Armor Materials

  1. Sintra
  2. 3D printed materials (untested in TGA, may have durability issues)
  3. Kydex
  4. PVC
  5. ABS
  6. Styrene
  7. Fiberglass
  8. Metal
  9. Fiber glassed or resin coated paper board.
  10. Acrylic based materials such as Lexan or Plexiglas.
  11. Worbla or Teraflex
  12. Foam
  13. Leather


Acceptable Attachment Methods

  1. Velcro
  2. Magnets
  3. Snaps
  4. Bolts
  5. Rivets
  6. Visible strapping is subject to the ruling of the Membership Magistrate