Consent to Troop Form

The undersigned understands that trooping with The Galactic Alliance (TGA) is a privilege and carries its own risks.

The undersigned understands that access to troops and events may be limited. In this event, slots will be offered first to those members who consistently troop, followed then on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, the undersigned understands that tickets and access to events may not always be covered by TGA membership, or events invite, and understands that attendance may be incurred at the members’ expense, should they choose to participate.

By signing this form, the undersigned affirms that they have read the governing documents (Charter, SOP, Member Handbook), and agree to follow all policies and procedures, including the yearly trooping requirement to maintain membership. Further, the undersigned understand that it is their own responsibility to provide for themselves food, water, and transportation to, from, and during, events.

The undersigned completely understands and realizes that participation in troops could include actions or tasks which might be dangerous or hazardous to them. By signing below, they agree to the fact that participation can cause harm or injury to them. They release TGA from all liability, costs and damages which could arise from participation, including any damage or loss to persons and property.

If responsible for minor(s), the guardian must be present for the entirety of the event. The Galactic Alliance is not responsible for minors any more or less than any other members. The legal guardian will take on the responsibilities thereof, and also agrees to follow all policies and conduct expected of any other Galactic Alliance member. If needed the legal guardian will be provided with “aide” status, this temporary position is provided only to attend their minor to and from TGA events.

This Consent to Troop / General Liability Release Form, is valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, covering any and all events during this timeframe.