We are everyday people trying to reach out in our community. We all have jobs and families, we are all volunteers and we all have costumes we made or purchased with our own money and resources. There's no limit to who is welcome in our group, or what costumes we will accept, everything from Bounty Hunters and Sith, to Jedi or Pilots. Even if you're a helplessly confused Grey Jedi with commitment issues you can join us.

If all of this sounds like a great you'd like to be a part of, working for charity and having fun while you you do it, please inquire further about membership. If you don't have a costume then you can always start as a recruit and work your way into full membership, or join us in one of our noncostumed positions.

The following outlines the process of joining The Galactic Alliance! If at any point you need assistance, you can reach the Senate via chat, private message or email.

Becoming a Recruit

There are multiple documents available to help new and existing members understand what is expected of them, and what they can expect, as members.  These documents not only address how the club functions, but also what members’ roles are. For the most part, we like to think of this as the written version of what we would tell you in person. Please see the Guidelines section to review them.

To officially start the process of joining, you will need to register for our forum. Some of the questions asked on the registration are specifically for the Senate and will not appear as part of your profile. Once you validate your email (make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see one!), you can sign in. An moderator will then place you into the 'Recruit' group. This will set what you can and cannot do on the board. Your next step is to post an introduction in the 'Recruit Lounge' category.

You will also need to sign up for our Amino app, which allows for real-time chatting, and can have notifications set to be as immediate, or not, as you would like. There is the "Official TGA Chat" for general club discussion and so forth. An "Event" chat has been created for use during any troop so members present can keep in touch. In addition, this will be the home for all WIP posts, as well as a place to display finished kits, and pictures from events.

From Recruit to Member

Once you have introduced yourself and singed up for Amino, you are then eligible to submit your Star Wars costume (referred to as "kits") for approval.

We require high quality, clear pictures, preferably on a neutral background, for all kit submissions. These should be a full body shot of the front, back, sides and shoes of your costume. A "action shot" is also required. This is the picture that will be used on your official TGA promotion card.

If your normally wear a robe, mask, or helmet as part of your kit, have these items on for the above pictures. We then ask that you remove them and take a front and back picture.

*Submissions will be made on the forum, but that feature is being finalized. If you wish to submit before then, please email the required pictures to our Membership Magistrate for approval.

Full Membership

After your kit is approved, you will be issued a TGA# and your forum group will change to 'member', allowing you full access to the forums. If you have not done so, please review the Members' Handbook for details on how to stay informed and sign up (rostering) for events (troops).